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Destiny: Rise of Iron Yaması Yayımlandı! İşte Yama Notları

Destiny: Rise of Iron yaması yayımlandı ve gğnelleme paketi geldi. Rise of Iron yeni özellikler ve tüm yama notları ile karşınızdayız. Rise of Iron’da neler değişti ve ne gibi bir güncelleme bizi bekliyor. Destiny sonunda hedeflediği başarıyı bulabilecek mi bu DLC paketi ile Rise of Iron ile Destiny’de bizi neler bekliyor işte Tüm yama notları aşşağıda sırasıyla veriyoruz! Ama öncelikle Destiny’nin bu muhteşem genişleme paketi Rise of Iron Fragmanıyla karşınızdayız.

Destiny 2.4.0 Silah ve Perk Dengesi Değişiklikleri:

Fabian Strategy

Doubling down on a Titan’s role to hold the front line, Fabian Strategy users will now be able to hold down the trigger to melt enemies until there are none left.

  • Kills with this weapon now automatically load a portion of the magazine
  • Increased base range (+16%) and stability (+44%)


Since we are bringing back Thorn for Rise of Iron, it was worth re-evaluating its place in the weapon ecosystem. What are Thorn’s strengths?

  • Damage over time (which provides location information and health recovery delay)
  • Fastest family of Hand Cannon fire rate
  • Effectively best in class level range with Send It

To avoid a repeat of year one, we decided to remove one of those elements from the equation.

  • Reduced base range by 25%

Universal Remote

An exotic shotgun not gated by the special ammo economy was already a dangerous tool, but as players honed their mastery over the strong mobility options that Destiny has to offer, a hair-pulling combination was born. A range reduction helps bring the efficacy of these sorts of tactics down a bit.

  • Exotic Perk range bonus reduced by 75% (no longer guarantees maximum shotgun range)
  • Increased rate of fire (lowers damage as a secondary effect)

Dreg’s Promise

Fitting in with the retune of Sidearms (see below), Dreg’s gets a little bit more love.

  • Increased damage by 8%
  • Increased magazine size by 3

Touch of Malice

It is intended that Touch of Malice still shine best in King’s Fall, but outside of the Raid, clever players figured out how to avoid Touch of Malice’s single drawback by imbuing themselves with the Blessing of Light – but the Darkness has been boiling stronger within the gun…

  • Touch of Malice’s self-damage infliction now removes Blessing of Light

Boolean Gemini

This super versatile weapon receives another tool in its kit.

  • Added intrinsic perk High Caliber Rounds

No Time to Explain

I’m going to respect the spirit of the weapon with this one.

  • Added intrinsic perk Headseeker

Sniper Rifles

Snipers are being utilized extremely effectively in both the Crucible and against the Minions of the Darkness. However, one family of Sniper Rifle stands out from the rest–the mid-high impact family of sniper rifles (of which 1000-Yard Stare and Y-09 Longbow Synthesis belong). Let us evaluate the benefits of the family:

  • Decent magazine sizes combined with strong impact provide for strong DPS
  • Strong target acquisition and when combined with Hidden Hand can reach the upper echelon normally reserved for lower impact Sniper Rifles (Weyloran’s March)
  • Ability to take down a guardian while in their super state
  • High body-shot damage with a rate of fire still fast enough that the two tap body-shot is still viable

The resulting Sniper Rifle has all the strengths of other families but without the drawbacks. To spread the power a bit, we touched two elements:

  • Reduced damage on the mid-high impact (1000-Yard Stare family) of Sniper Rifles by 6.95%
    • Mid High impact snipers can no longer reliably kill high armor guardians in super
    • No Land Beyond is not affected by this damage reduction
  • Reduced Target Acquisition for LDR 5001/Y-09 Longbow Synthesis to bring in line with other snipers in the same family

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